Collector's Corner: Wild West Batman + 11 more cool collectibles

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Apr 30, 2015

As Avengers: Age of Ultron officially ushers in the summer movie season when it strikes theaters, let's get up to speed in the collector market with an awesome April assortment of killer collectibles assembled from all avenues of pop culture.  This month, we've tracked down another gold mine of limited-edition figures, deluxe sculptures and nerdy home furnishings with which to decorate the homestead, from our Spotlight Wild West Batman to a ferocious Striker Eureka Jaeger to a Star Wars blueprint shirt to a deluxe Woody doll, Stan Lee figure, and insane Star Trek Tricorder. 

Unless you display a heroic amount of willpower, your barn will soon be bursting with some of these hearty offerings.  Dig in!


You'll want to quickly corral this cowboy version of the Dark Knight by Square-Enix before it's sold out.  Here's the first Batman figure from the company's PAK Variant Line called "Batman Timeless," reimagining the Caped Crusader in different historical eras.  The unique series will eventually include a Spartan, Medieval and Steampunk iteration of The Bat.

Clad in a tattered leather cape, muddied chaps and boots, gunslinger belts, a Bat-eared cowboy hat and wielding a wicked Bat tomahawk, Batman seems right at home in the Old West, with plenty of ruffians and outlaws to brawl with.  A grapnel gun can be holstered or held when not hurling a shining shuriken.  This incredibly detailed, hand-painted 10-inch figure comes with spare sets of interchangeable hands and a display stand.  Now we just need to find this badass buckaroo a suitable stallion!  How do you like Batman's gritty new Wild West getup? 

Available for pre-order now with delivery expected in July of 2015.  ($120)

Ready to rope in a stray herd of 11 more crave-worthy collectibles?  Head on down the trail into our main gallery and tell us exactly which nuggets you gotta have!

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