Collector's Corner: WoW's Deathwing, floating Iron Man + 10 more cool collectibles

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:31 AM EDT (Updated)

It's a brand-new year and time to start thinking about sprucing up your collections of nerdy-neat paraphernalia, memorabilia and limited-edition luxuries.  For this month, we've roamed the intimate reaches of the pop-culture universe to bring you our collectible picks for a happy and satisfying 2015.

From a devilish Deathwing sculpture and an insane Attack on Titan drinking mug to a ridiculously cool R/C Tumbler, Thanos on a throne and a sweet set of Back to the Future prints, we're rolling into the new year with a riot of alluring collector gems.   Have a look, and bring your bank card.


Feel the searing breath of this stunning Deathwing the Destroyer polystone sculpture from Sideshow Collectibles and Blizzard Entertainment.  Celebrating the 10th anniversary of World of Warcraft, a team of talented artisans has captured the dark drama of this dastardly dragon with wings outstretched, perched upon Stormwind Tower.  Got room for this beast in your life?

Its fierce pose captures a moment from the cinematic intro for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.  With its jagged jaw bellowing into the night, multicolored magma seeps from between its armored scales and reflections of hellish flames bleed behind a translucent 30-inch wingspan.   Looming over the luckless city, Sideshow's Deathwing monument stands 25 inches tall and weighs in at a titanic 30 pounds.   This epic creation should command a place of honor in your collection and at a cost of $599 will empty your wallet like a swift strike of this legendary dragon's razored talons.   Available now for pre-order for delivery November 2015.  Are you still slack-jawed at its immensity?

Now, flock forward into the rest our our featured January collectibles in the gallery below and tell us which of these other enticing items will be yours.