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Colony: The Official Podcast Episode 15: Tory Kittles talks 'Puzzle Man'

May 9, 2018, 11:15 PM EDT

"Where is Broussard?!"

Loyal Colony fans have been worried sick about the brave, and resourceful, Resistance fighter since he decided to stay in the L.A. Bloc after the Raps called for Total Rendition. The Bowman family and Snyder raced out of the city to the Pacific Northwest, but we saw hide nor hair of Broussard in the Season 3 premiere.

Well, we can all breathe easier, because Episode 3.2, "Puzzle Man," was mostly about where Broussard has been for the last six months, and where he's going.

And we've got the man himself, Tory Kittles, in the studio for the latest episode of Colony: The Official Podcast.

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SYFY WIRE West Coast Senior Editor/Producer Tara Bennett hosts Colony Co-Creator/Executive Producer Ryan J. Condal, Executive Producer Wes Tooke, and Kittles in the studio to talk about Broussard's arc to date and how lady "Dispatch" might shake up his loner lifestyle, and to check in on the new Resistance camp the Bowmans find themselves living in now.

**SPOILERS for "Puzzle Man" in the podcast below**

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