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Josh Holloway in the Colony Series Finale

Colony: The Official Podcast Episode 26: Ryan Condal and Wes Tooke bring the series, and the podcast, to a close with ‘What Goes Around’

Dec 18, 2018, 9:00 AM EST (Updated)

Colonists, we never wanted this non-Greatest Day to arrive, but it’s here. With the airing of "What Goes Around," Colony the series comes to a close due to cancellation.

Yes, it ends on a cliffhanger, which is frustrating to everyone, but that doesn’t dim the intelligence, heart, and hope that the series achieved, and extolled, over three seasons.  

Colony: The Official Podcast host Tara Bennett, SYFY WIRE's West Coast senior producer, joins Colony co-creator/executive producer Ryan J. Condal and executive producer Wes Tooke one last time to discuss the character arcs, and the legacy of the series as a whole, but most importantly to thank the incredible cast, crew, and fans for their dedication to the show.

And on a personal note, this podcast was a first for the whole team: Tara, Ryan, Wes, and our producers, Bartley Taylor and Paul Terry, and our mixer, Dave Draper. We learned a lot about the kind of podcast we all wanted to make around a show that we all loved. It means the world to us that you, the listeners, enjoyed what we put out every week. We loved your enthusiasm, your questions, your live tweeting on Thursday (and then Wednesday) nights. We appreciate every single social media share of the podcast, and because of your generosity, our listeners grew every week. 

Special shout-outs to Colony mega fans: Wendy Del Monte, Proxy Snyder, Talk Colony, L.A. Colony, SWC Fans, Wormwhole Riders, Mom and Kids Channel, Carl Lepak, McIntyre2K7, JennySylivant, Nica Johns, Erin Conrad, and every single person not listed who posted a comment, question, or just some energizing support on the blog. We loved interacting with you, and we hope to do it again with another series sometime soon. 

We'll close with gratitude to everyone who watched the last episode of Colony, and listened to our last Colony podcast. We hope this heartfelt conversation makes the loss a little easier to take, and leaves our imaginations uplifted by the thought of the Bowmans and Broussard fighting on for humanity.

Signing off,

Tara Bennett, Host of Colony: The Official Podcast

**SPOILERS for “What Goes Around" in the podcast below**

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