Colony: The Official Podcast Episode 9: Ally Walker talks Alpha females and weasel underlings

Mar 26, 2021, 1:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Tonight's reminder: don't cross a Bowman when their kids are threatened. Yipes, Katie and Will!

"Tamam Shud" (meaning "ended" in Persian) has the Bowman's wiggling out of a complicated sting operation right into a possible new alliance. We talk about it all in our latest edition of Syfy Wire's Colony: The Official Podcast.

Syfy Wire contributing editor Tara Bennett welcomes co-creator and executive producer Ryan J. Condal, episode writer and co-executive producer Wes Tooke and the woman who terrifies everyone in the bloc, Governor General Helena Goodwin, aka the amazing Ally Walker!

We always like to remind our listeners that the podcast is full of spoilers, so listen after you watch Colony Episode 2.9, " Tamam Shud."

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