Colony: The Official Podcast Facebook Live Event on March 31st

Mar 30, 2017, 11:35 PM EDT

Where's the "Seppuku" podcast this week?

Well, we're doing the podcast LIVE this week to celebrate the end of Syfy Wire's  Colony: The Official Podcast season.

So, please join us LIVE on the Colony Facebook page Friday, March 31st at 10:30a PST/1:30p EST as Syfy Wire contributing editor Tara Bennett welcomes in the Facebook studio: Colony co-creator and executive producer Ryan J. Condal, co-executive producer and episode writer Wes Tooke, as well as return guest, #TeamBroussard - Tory Kittles!

The panel will be answering Facebook Live questions throughout the show. We'll also have a very special guest join us during the event but you have to login and join us to find out who it is. (Guesses?)

Please note that the LIVE Facebook event will be full of spoilers for episode 2.12, "Seppuku."


Regular listeners may be wondering why the podcast season is ending with episode 2.12, and the reason is that Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal would like to let the fans watch the Colony Season 2 finale, "Ronin," on April 6th at 10pm without their commentary.

And in case you can't make the FB Live event, we will be turning the event into the traditional 2.12 audio podcast that we'll post this weekend on ART19 and Itunes.

We hope you enjoyed all of our episodes this season. Consider taking a second to like and review the podcast on Itunes. Or share the podcast link with your fellow Colony fans on social media. Thanks for being part of the Resistance all season!

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