Monster Factory Dr. Sexgun

Comedy gaming webseries Monster Factory makes its triumphant return to play with Soul Calibur VI

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Dec 5, 2018

If you're a fan of bizarre and hilarious web shows that push character creation sliders farther than they were ever intended to go, then Christmas came early for you this year. That's right, fans of comedy and video game weirdness, Monster Factory is back. 

The McElroy Brothers — the trio of siblings responsible for the hit podcasts My Brother, My Brother, and Me and The Adventure Zone, among other things — launched a new website Wednesday that unites all of their various projects, and with it came the reveal that comedy gaming webseries Monster Factory has returned for the first time since it went dormant back in April, providing a shimmering, NSFW beacon of hope in the coming darkness of the winter solstice. 

"After retiring Monster Factory, confident the hard work of pushing character creation sliders to their limits was done, something happened: Soul Calibur 6 was released. Suddenly, videos of grotesque creations were everywhere and we knew this was a sign that Monster Factory’s work wasn’t done," the brothers announced on their website.

For those of you who don't know, Monster Factory features oldest brother Justin McElroy and sweet baby brother Griffin McElroy (Middlest brother Travis, who you've seen on SYFY WIRE before, is not part of this particular project, as it grew out of Justin and Griffin's work together at Polygon.) taking various popular video games that feature character creation systems and pushing those systems to hilarious and groteseque extremes.

Past installments have focused on everything from Skyrim to the WWE 2K series, and the show developed a loyal fanbase of viewers both into gaming and into simply laughing at strange internet creations. This time around, the brothers tackle Soul Calibur and use its various character sliders and features to craft a creation they dub "Dr. Sexgun." Every episode of Monster Factory is weird, but when this one gets into the "Equipment" section of the creation, it gets...particularly bonkers. 

Oh, and also like every other Monster Factory episode, the language is definitely NSFW.

Sadly, the brothers do not get around to taking their strange creation out to actually play the game in this installment, but the promise that "Dr. Sexgun Will Return" at the end of the episode takes a little bit of the sting out of that. 

So, Monster Factory has triumphantly returned to our lives, providing hope in a bleak world, and the kind of laughter that induces coughing fits during cold and flu season. 

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