Comedy Central green-lights Ugly Americans, other sci-fi toons

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Comedy Central is adding to its animation block with the order of a half-hour alternate universe series called Ugly Americans, Variety reported. The series is set in New York City in a universe where fantasy and sci-fi creatures live among humans. The main character is a human social worker who works for the Department of Immigration helping those new to the city, both human and not, adjust to life.

Ugly Americans, which is based on Devin Clark's illustrations (and spins off Clark's 5-On animated Web series, below) comes from David Stern, a former Simpsons writer. The network has ordered seven episodes, with plans to premiere the series early next year. The voice cast includes Matt Oberg, Randy Pearlstein, Mike Britt, Kurt Metzger, Rebekka Johnson and Pete Holmes.

Comedy Central is also developing The Invadersteins, about a family of aliens who stayed behind after a failed alien invasion of Earth, which is from Futurama producer Dan Vebber. And the network has ordered the pilot Ghost/Aliens, from executive producers Scott Aversano and Phil Johnston, which explores two friends' quest to find out the truth about the existence of ghosts and aliens.