Comet Holmes: WOW

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Oct 24, 2007

Well, Comet 17/P Holmes did not disappoint! It is incredibly bright, at least magnitude 3 if not a hair brighter. I was able to get several images of it. The shots below have terrible contrast, but click them for embiggened ones on Flickr which look tons better.

Here is a wide-angle, with Cassiopeia at the top:

Here is a zoom of the comet. The bright star is Mirfak, in Perseus:

I also caught it with an airplane flying by!

It's maybe not as bright as Mirfak, but it's close. It's redder, and through binoculars is definitely not star-like. My back is killing me, or else I'd have the 'scope on this in a hot second. I imagine it's petty cool under magnification!

If you have pictures, post 'em on BAUT!

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