Comet, or Vogons?

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May 24, 2006


Well, today is the day, once again, that the world won't end. I'm shocked, shocked, that the comet fragment predicted to hit in the Atlantic causing a seismic event and an ensuing tidal wave hasn't materialized.

Of course, the day's not over yet. But I'm pretty sure how this will turn out.

Anyway, the purveyor of doomsday this go-round, Eric Julien, will no doubt mostly disappear into the noise until some new event comes along that he, or someone else, can scare people about. The one lingering question will be, was he honest, or was he a conman? It's hard to see how he could make any money off this, so I'm guessing he is an honest man. Wrong, and seriously scientifically deluded.

Still, I can't help thinking he blew it in another way, too. Given that he had a vision that the Earth would be destroyed on May 25, 2006, he shouldn't have gone with a comet to destroy the Earth. He should have gone with the Vogons! After all, today is Towel Day.

Don't Panic image from grnluvbug. Towel tip to sanguinity, a commentor on the Pharyngula blog for the heads-up -- literally -- on this one. And as an aside, that comet in the cartoon above... to me, it looks like John Kerry. It's actually from a newspaper back in 1910 when Comet Halley passed the Earth.'

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