Watch: Comic artist ChrisCross on his influences, love of comics and the industry's evolution

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May 2, 2017, 3:27 PM EDT (Updated)

We recently sat down with veteran comics artist ChrisCross for a look back at how the industry has changed since he got his start back in the 1990s.

An alum of the groundbreaking Milestone Comics, ChrisCross has worked on more than a few iconic books over the years, including Blood Syndicate, Captain Marvel and Firestorm. He fell in love with the comic medium when he was just a kid and knew as a pre-teen that he was destined to draw funny books when he grew up.

We also talk to him about what it's like to be a black creator in the comic industry and his time working as an artist when the industry was going through the growing pains of trying to be more inclusive both on and off the page. He says the biggest change over the past few decades is the push to find realism and balance in the way comics portray people of color and different ethnicities. He also offers up some advice for any aspiring artists trying to break into the comics works.

Check out the two-part interview below and let us know what you think. Big thanks to your interviewer, Akilah Hughes. You can learn more about her here.