George Perez Wonder Woman

Comic book giant George Pérez draws us a Wonder Woman sketch, which you can own!

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Jun 19, 2017, 8:00 PM EDT

George Pérez has literally drawn most every major superhero in the Marvel and DC Universes. The undisputed master of the epic hero group shot, Pérez has always excelled at providing absurdly detailed drawings, no matter how many capes are in the panel.

When SYFY WIRE recently visited the living legend for an in-depth interview about his storied career, we had a major dilemma: Which character should we ask Pérez to sketch for us?

Do we ask him to draw one of the countless Avengers that helped make Pérez a Marvel superstar? Or what about one of the New Teen Titans, the team he and Marv Wolfman together turned into DC Comics’ biggest-selling comic of the 1980s? Maybe Cyborg, since that Pérez co-creation has become such an integral part of the DCU that he’s showing up in theaters worldwide in November as part of the “Justice League”?

In the end, though, the decision turned out to be a no-brainer. We had to ask Pérez to draw for us the character with whom he’s most closely identified: Wonder Woman.

His run on WW remains the gold standard to this day. Which is why it’s no surprise that whenever Pérez attends a comic convention, the Amazon princess is hands-down his most popular sketch request. So take a look as one of the giants of comic art shows us how he brings Wonder Woman to life in pencil & ink form.

And by the way, we’ll be auctioning off this sketch to benefit The Hero Initiative, a group that helps comic creators in need. Pérez is on the organization’s board and has helped raise lots of money on its behalf. So enjoy the video, and then bid on the artwork!