Comic Con, baby!

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Jul 22, 2010

I'm in San Diego, at Comic Con! W00t!

I've already been able to hang a bit with Craig Engler from SyFy, and a few other friends. Today, though, is a big day. I have my

Hive Overmind Discover Magazine panel ( Abusing the Sci of SciFi, with Jaime Paglia from "Eureka", Kevin Grazier (science advisor to Eureka), Discover co-blogger Sean Carroll, and "Fringe" producer Zack Stentz) and then I have to run as fast as my fleet feet will carry me to w00tstock! After that, I'm thinking coma.

But there's no time for forced unconsciousness! I have to do stuff Friday, and Saturday (including -- OMFSM -- the SyFy/Entertainment Weekly party, where I will hobnob and squee over many people), and Sunday... and this time, things are a little different: my wife is with me. That will not stop me from squeeing, or from dancing with Felicia Day if given the chance.

I will try to post updates and pictures as the Intertubez allow. This is geekapalooza, folks, and I'm at its very core. Woohoo!

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