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Comic legend Walt Simonson on IDW's deluxe new Thor: Artist's Edition

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Aug 1, 2017, 9:32 AM EDT

Walt Simonson is one of the living legends in the kingdom of comics, having made his mark as a writer or artist on multiple titles over the decades, including Fantastic Four, Detective Comics, The Avengers, X-Factor, Manhunter, Elric, Star Slammers, and his monumental work on The Mighty Thor.

His epic run for the Norse God of Thunder, which encompassed Thor #337–382 (November 1983–August 1987), catapulted him into the storied ranks of names like Kirby, Adams, Steranko, Englehart, Buscema, Perez, Gerber, Ditko, Claremont, O'Neil, and Wolfman.

A new Artist's Edition of Simonson's work on Thor is being released by IDW, and the prolific artist spoke with our Mike Avila at SDCC regarding changes in the industry, saving all his original artwork, hopes for his Beta Ray Bill appearing in a Marvel feature, his own cameo in the 2011 Thor movie, and praying for a good story in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

Have a listen to a comics master and let us know if you'll pick up this new edition of his incredible Thor artwork.