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Comic roundup: Justice League locks Scott Snyder for 50 issues, Motor Crush on immediate hiatus

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Aug 6, 2018, 3:36 PM EDT

The comic world saw enough shake-ups and stabilization in the last few days that fans of the medium may find themselves with whiplash. Big-name titles nabbed big-name writers for long engagements while smaller titles felt the crunch of burnout and an ever-changing industry.

First up was Justice League. DC Comics writer Scott Snyder teased fans on Twitter about a huge crossover event that, don’t worry, won’t see him leaving his bread-and-butter.

Check it out:

“Just for clarity: I’m on Justice League for at least 50 issues,” Snyder wrote. “Not going anywhere for a looong time.”

And yet…he said that, “Every five or so issues of Justice League will be a LEGION of DOOM chapter where [writer James Tynion IV] tells the story from the villains’ side and reveals big secrets.”

Continuing in a second tweet, Snyder wrote that, “Each Arc of Justice League will be self contained, but they’ll build on each other with regard to the characters’ relationships and the bigger plot, all of it culminating in a big, big way in 2019.”

What a tease. So yes, the crossover is coming. It will be big. And it will not take away fans’ Snyder Justice League comics.

The next issue of Justice League comes out Aug. 15.

In less happy news, Image Comics’ Motor Crush is going on hiatus, according to Newsarama. The series, just starting its third arc, is cancelled for now - though Babs Tarr and Cameron Stewart had some details on the change.

"Just taking some time to recharge and refocus," Stewart said. "All is well in Nova Honda, vol 3 is written and Motor Crush will return faster and more ferocious than ever!" Tarr continued this thread, explaining on Twitter that “monthly are too stressful:”

"We are going straight to trade for Vol 3! Monthly are too stressful...!! Should be out the same time (next summer!) as the Vol. 1 + 2,” Tarr wrote. “We have the 3 arc outlined and Im excited to not be locked into 22 pg story beats...!!! ?" With a change in format and a little room to breathe, this may be exactly what Motor Crush needs - though it’s a far cry from the happenings over at DC.

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