Comic actor McBride updates us on his sci-fi projects

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Danny McBride told a group of reporters that he is involved with a series of genre projects, though not as a lead actor, including Mr. Machine, a science fiction kids' movie he co-wrote with David Gordon Green.

"It takes place in the '80s," McBride said in a group interview on Friday in Hollywood, where he was promoting Land of the Lost. "It's kind of like a Gremlins kind of feel, about these kids who make this robot for their science project. It ends up taking over their town."

The script has gained traction in development since McBride has starred in hit movies and series. "It was something we had written a long time ago and were able to get it sold once things started popping," he said.

When the film gets made, McBride has written a grown-up role for himself. "There would be if we're able to get that made," he said.

McBride also recorded a voice for the animated film Despicable Me. The film stars Steve Carell as a moon-stealing villain charged with three orphans. You won't recognize McBride's voice in that film.

"It's weird," McBride said. "I'm not even doing a voice that sounds like me. It's like a weird old Jewish guy from New York."

It is McBride's first voice-over gig, so he has joined the club of actors getting a crash course in recording studio performance. "It's definitely strange when you're in there with no other actors, and you're just going out there doing this weird voice, and there's just people looking at you," he said. "You're like, 'Is this funny?' I don't know. It's strange."

One film McBride was falsely linked to was Ricky Gervais' cartoon Flanimals. "I heard about Flanimals,'" he said. "I'm not in that, but I read that. I was like, 'Oh, that'd be cool if I was in that.' I'm like Ricky Gervais."

Despicable Me opens July 9, 2010.