Comic-Con protesters call cyberpunk doorway to demonic possession

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Dec 17, 2012

Every year, nerds make a pilgrimage to their mecca in San Diego and, along with them, so come the fundamentalist Christians and their very exciting signs professing how all us geeks are hellward bound. This year, though, there was a flyer to rival even the most Westboro of Baptists.

In the past, it was all about idolatry. You dress up like Superman (a Christ figure himself) and you've just punched your ticket for the bullet train to hell. The list is a lot longer this time and, rather than just going to hell, it's all about demonic possession.

Check out what one con attendee brought home with her.

Yowzers! That's a whole lot of sandwich there, Dagwood! Never mind that they're talking about demonic possession, look at the items on the list. Cyberpunk culture? Vegetarianism? Lycanthropy?! Last time we checked, werewolves don't exist. Did they mean furries? Because that's a whole other fur pile.

Anyway, judging by this list, everyone we know is possessed by at least a baker's dozen of demons. How about you? Growing horns and a tail? Forked tongue? Just how evil are you?

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