Comic Kanye, sexy R2, Potter changes, TV truths and more!

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Dec 14, 2012

This week's Hottest Stories and Best comments is a roundup of some of the biggest properties and hottest discussions: Kanye West, X-Men: First Class, sultry-silly Karen Gillan, sexy-sexy R2-D2, swingin' Spidey, the next Alien, Fringe's worldly differences, Harry Potter and, lastly, The Truth About TV Ratings.

Our story: 15 wild Kanye West lyrics re-created as classic comic book panels

Your best comment: I prefer Garfunkel and Oats game of "Kanye or Hitler" where they take quotes from both of them, and ask audiences who said it, "Kanye or Hitler?" — Walt

Our story: X-Men First Class: THESE 5 photos and poster are the real deal

Your best comment: To be fair, as far as sales and popularity, the X-Men are bigger. Captain America, Thor and the Green Lantern are more iconic and have been around longer. The X-Men are better known as an ensemble cast. As for the movies, I enjoyed all three X-Men movies. I agree that Wolverine could have been way better. First Class is no different from any of the variations of any comic book. Just because it's different, doesn't mean it's necessarily bad. Just like the mutants us fan boys claim to love. So could all of you people with nothing better to do but complain about movies you wish you were a part of please shut up and let the rest of us enjoy something. At the end of the day it's just a freaking movie. — V

Our story: 7 sultry-silly images from Karen Gillan's new Who photoshoot

Your best comment: Who cares how old or new these are? They are pictures of Karen! Why would anyone complain about that? (I've never seen them before) — Rob

Our story: That Alien prequel is NOT an Alien prequel anymore

Your best comment: I think it is good that they are using the basis of the Alien mythos, but moving in an entirely different direction. Everything that can be was squeezed out of this - and the Predator influx...

We KNOW Alien(s) are fierce, tuough, scary and very formidable. Makes the perfect big bad!

We have seen a LOT of alien invasion flicks over the past several years and even decades...will be interesting to view something "epic" with a twist on what for me is getting to be "business as usual" after Independence Day and then District 9 as the two standouts in my own mind.

Invasion on another planet? At least we may not get the same sappy human crap we get in every film of this type: the last much up being Skyline er, Cloverfield... — ChrisCoachKKincey

Our story: 7 Joss Whedon projects we'll never see (and 1 we eventually will)

Your best comment: Another thing we'll see: Buffy Season 9 (second season of the comics). Dunno when it will be out, really. I just picked up the last issue of season 8 today. The final arc totally flipped the universe upside down, and it will be interesting to see what happens...whenever Joss gets down to getting the project together. I think they were hoping to make it bi-monthly this run. I would be ecstatic. Season 8 had hits and misses, but I think I liked it more than 7. The story development was harder to follow and action felt rushed, but I still liked it. — A guy

Our story: Anne Hathaway is Catwoman (Rowr!) in The Dark Knight Rises

Your best comment: For all those who complain about Anne Hathaway being Catwoman, weren't there similar complaints lodged when we found out Heath Ledger was going to be The Joker? Heath's career was nowhere in the same realm as what his performance was in The Dark Knight. We all shut up when the Pictures of him leaked and he looked Visceral, maniacal, and strangely enigmatic. I trust Nolan to bring out Anne's inner Gotham, sex kitten, femme fatale. She'll be fine......But don't expect The Dark Knight again. I just don't think Lightning can strike twice

...But I hope it does. — Viscera

Our story: Watch the big-screen Spider-Man in web-slinging action (new video and pics)

Your best comment: I always love seeing a superhero run on the street. There's something about the idea that they can fly/swing/jump as part of their super power, but in the end they have to put one foot in front of the other like the rest of us, which makes me smile — SP Riley

Our story: 83 crazy differences between Fringe's alternate universe and ours

Your best comment: I imagine that the ShowMe identification indicates that the Federal government is more controlling there than here, not quite fascistic but it makes our concerns about the possible abuse of the Patriot Act comparatively small. I'd guess this is from all the environmental upheaval.

I would bet the government owns a lot of the technology patents that the Alternate Universe enjoys. — UnRiel

Our story: Image of the Day: Sexiest use of an R2-D2 swim suit

Your best comment: all that and a Vader phone cover! awesome!— romonster

Our story: SPOILER ALERT: Crucial death scene in Deathly Hallows changed!

Your best comment: "it's very romantic place to die"???? Sorry, for some bizarre reason, I don't tend to think of death as 'romantic'.

To a large extent, however, I'm okay with the change. I'd prefer it to be more dramatic and prominent than it was in the book. For a character that J.K. spent so much time developing his considerable nuances (the question of whether he truly was a traiter to Dumbledore wasn't truly answered until the final book) and he was so prominent in the series yet she dispatched him virtually without a second thought. I was very disappointed with how he died. — CrazyOkie

Our story: 7 Buffy veterans react to that Whedon-less Slayer movie

Your best comment: I really don't like this idea at all... The details of the original movie were updated and changed drastically to create the TV series, and yeah, it made for a great show. I love it. But it was Joss Whedon's creation. He made it great. If they're going to remake it again, they should wait a while. It hasn't been off the air long enough to change details and not have a lot of pissed off people. — Samantha

Our story: The truth about TV ratings, online viewing and sci-fi shows

Your best comment: Good, engaging article there. It's funny how much people complain about advertisements, but come Super Bowl time people watch just to see the new ads.

I will say, while the international aspect was addressed, it is very frustrating that the US viewing habits can dictate if I can watch a show or not. Or even if a show does survive for a few seasons, my ability to view it legally depends on who bought the show in a distribution package in my country. And my ability to watch the episode intact depends on how many ads local networks want to squeeze in - they'll chop a couple of minutes out if they can.

So yeah, not a big fan of international distribution and the fact that things will probably never change enough to enable folks outside the US to have any impact on sci fi shows survival rates. — hmmmmmmmm

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