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Comics: Dark Horse announces Toy Story 4 anthology; Cinedigm buys ComicBlitz; X-Men reveal new Horsemen

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Nov 28, 2018, 2:34 PM EST

The comics industry has recently shaken up a handful of properties, characters, and services familiar to fans who’ll be experiencing them in new ways as they move to the future — be it a change in medium, a shift in roster, or a change in corporate ownership.

Let’s talk Toy Story first. Pixar recently released a set of teasers for Toy Story 4, which introduced a few new toys (including Forky), to send series heroes Woody and Buzz off on a road trip for the franchise’s final installment. Now, Dark Horse has announced that it’ll be adding to the nostalgia trip with a graphic novel anthology associated with the film.

In a release, the company announced the book from prolific Star Wars comic writer Haden Blackman, which will feature 72 pages of sentient toys traversing the world before and after Toy Story 4’s plot over the course of four connected tales. The book hits stores on May 7, 2019 — more than a month before the movie hits theaters.

Next is some business news. According to Deadline, entertainment company Cinedigm has purchased digital comic service ComicBlitz.

ComicBlitz charges a monthly fee for access to around 10,000 books, including titles like Judge Dredd, The Spirit, and Green Hornet. Think Netflix but comics. Cinedigm operates Dove Channel, Docurama, and a few other OTT services bringing streaming content straight to consumers. Now they’ve added comics to their offerings.

While terms of the acquisition weren’t made public, the deal is expected to close by year end and add around $5 million in revenue in the next two years. This supplements the content available to an audience already wooed by Cinedigm’s CONtv, which is a comic convention-focused network.

Finally, for comics found outside of that network, there’s been a marked shift in a terrifying superhero lineup. In the most recent Uncanny X-Men, Apocalypse’s legendary four Horsemen have new members and, seemingly, a much brighter outlook on the world. Blob, Magento, Omega Red, and Angel (no, not Archangel, just regular Angel) have taken up the mantle of the Horsemen. Yep, they’re the Horsemen of Salvation.

Unfortunately, these Horsemen are just as bad as those of the Apocalypse (since this group claims a different mysterious master). Magneto, Horseman of Peace, shows up with those representing Bounty, Life, and Wellness to wreck the X-Mansion. For the sake of the world, you see. Things are going wild in Kelly Thompson, Ed Brisson, and Matthew Rosenberg’s story — the least of which is the reinvention of this epic group.

Uncanny X-Men #3 is available in stores now.