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Comics Roundup: Cats heading to space; Minions looking for a boss

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Sep 2, 2018, 11:34 AM EDT

One of the wonderful aspects of comicdom is the fact that there are pretty much no constraints. If you can dream it, and you can draw it, then you can just go ahead and do it. And today’s comics roundup is pretty darn illustrative of that.

Let’s begin with Minions, since the mere mention of the word is enough to make you smile. Yes, Gru’s lovable little troublemakers from Universal and Illumination’s Despicable Me franchise are coming back to comics this November in Titan’s Minions: Viva Le Boss

Minions_Cover A

Minions: Vive Le Boss (by Renaud Collin, credit Titan Comics)

Following on the dastardly heels of Titan’s Minions: Vol. 1: Banana and Minions: Vol. 2: Evil Panic, Viva Le Boss is written by Stephane Lapuss, with art from Renaud Collin. According to the press release, “the yellow Minions journey through history looking for a truly villainous leader– but are they doomed to be Minions without a master?”

That sounds quite a bit like the 2015 prequel movie Minions, which can only be a good thing, considering that the first act of that film may have been the funniest act of animation this decade. And perhaps Minions: Viva Le Boss will be good preparatory reading for 2020’s Minions 2.


Next up… Captain Ginger, aka CATS IN SPACE! Kind of like a cross between Planet of the Apes and Pigs in Space.

Prepare for launch Oct. 17 when Captain Ginger – from writer Stuart Moore (Deadpool the Duck, Batman: Noir Alley) and artist June Brigman (Power Pack, Star Wars novels) – is set to take flight from newly launched Ahoy Comics.

captain Ginger

Captain Ginger (by June Brigman/Veronica Gandini, courtesy of Ahoy Comics)

Based on Brigman’s own apparently stellar cats (she has TEN of them!), the new creator-owned series imagines a world where humans no longer exist and cats have “inherited the earth,” according to the synopsis. Alas, there’s plenty of room to stray, and the titular captain must keep his “fellow felines united against a hostile universe,” all while keeping at bay his second-in-command, the seemingly mutinous Sergeant Mittens.


Lastly, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's board of directors has voted on a new president, Christina Merkler. She is known for being the co-founder of one of the biggest comic retailers in the U.S., Discount Comic Book Service. 

“There’s never been a more important time to protect the First Amendment rights of the comic book community,” Merkler said. “As President, I look forward to working closely with the CBLDF board and the staff to continue the organization’s important work in supporting comic book retailers, creators, educators, and librarians whose First Amendment rights are being challenged.”


Credit: Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Dedicated to protecting the right to free speech (aka the First Amendment) within the field of comic books, the CBLDF recently partnered with Image Comics for a series of variant covers that take a stand against censorship.