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Comics roundup: Marvel teases Domino: Hotshots; Conan crosses paths with the Avengers; Legendary gets Lost in Space

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Oct 5, 2020, 2:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Marvel teases fans about its upcoming all-female supergroup, Conan the Barbarian crosses paths with the Avengers, and Legendary Comics gets Lost in Space in our latest comic book roundup.

First, Marvel Comics has started dropping hints as to what we can expect from their new Domino-fronted supergroup in Domino: Hotshots. The series, which officially launches in March, will see the luck-friendly mutant lead a group of femme fatales including Black Widow, White Fox, Atlas Bear, Outlaw, and Diamondback.

"Domino feels she has to grow up a little, and some of the new agents have virtually NO sense of humor," said series scribe Gail Simone in a release. "They find an object that is something very close to the heart of the entire Marvel Universe, the only problem is EVERYBODY wants it!"

The character was recently played on the big screen by Atlanta star Zazie Beetz in Deadpool 2, and will also appear in the family-friendly recut Once Upon A Deadpool which hits theaters this week.

The first issue of Domino: Hotshots will launch in March of 2019. 

Domino Hotshots #1 Marvel

Marvel Comics

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Speaking of Marvel supergroups, the Avengers are about to cross paths with Conan the Barbarian. The sixth issue of the upcoming miniseries Avengers: No Road Home will follow The Scarlet Witch as she travels back to the Hyborian Age, with the Avengers in tow to do battle with the Queen of the Night. 

While Conan fights alongside Earth's mightiest heroes, Marvel teased that "the question remains… whose side is Conan really on?" 

It's not the first time Conan has interacted with the main Marvel continuity. He appeared in a handful of What If..? titles, as well as scattered cameos in books like Fantastic Four and Excalibur. This is the first major appearance of the character since Marvel regained the rights back in January. 

Avengers: No Road Home will kick off in February. Issue #6, written by Al Ewing, Mark Waid, Jim Zub, and Sean Izaakse, will be released on March 20. 

Avengers No Road Home #6

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Finally, Legendary Comics has officially launched its Lost in Space limited series. Based on the Netflix series, Lost in Space: Countdown to Danger will fill in the backstories for some of its characters while following the Space Family Robinson on adventures that won't be seen on the small screen. 

"Lost in Space: Countdown to Danger represents another opportunity for Legendary Comics to build upon and expand the intricate universes created by our popular film and television series," said Robert Napton, Senior Vice President of Legendary Comics in a release. 

Countdown to Danger volume one is available to purchase now. Volume 2 will follow sometime in the spring. 

Lost in Space Coundown to Danger Volume 1

Legendary Comics

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