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Comics: Tom King leaving Batman early; IDW welcomes Captain Marvel; new Daredevil

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May 23, 2019, 6:15 PM EDT

Another day, another roundup of super comics news. On today's slate of inked and penciled news, Tom King bids farewell to writing for an iconic DC hero, IDW brings another Marvel character into the fold, and Matt Murdock grapples with a new Daredevil.


Veteran Batman writer Tom King is parting ways with the Caped Crusader about 15-20 issues (the number depends on whom you ask) earlier than expected, but don't worry, he's not leaving DC Comics anytime soon. According to io9, King will simply be pivoting to other projects at the company.

King's final Batman issue with be #85, which won't be on sale for quite some time.

He'll also be finishing up Heroes in Crisis, a limited series about a special center that helps heroes deal with the mental toll of their super-powered deeds. That title launched last September. Issue #9 (the final installment in the series) goes on sale Wednesday, May 29.


Following in the footsteps of several other Marvel and Disney-owned titles, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel will be getting a new series at IDW Comics, the company announced Thursday. Written by Sam Maggs (Marvel: Fearless and Fantastic! Female Super Heroes Save the World), the book will fall under IDW's Marvel Action line, a banner for middle-grade readers.

“I feel so privileged to help launch Captain Marvel's solo title for Marvel Action,” said Sam Maggs in a statement. “Carol has always been my favorite super hero; I love how she's truly come into her own, culturally, and is finally being widely recognized as the star that she is. Being able to write for Carol is the most exciting and terrifying thing that's ever happened to me. I can't wait to share this arc with everyone!”

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The story follows Carol fighting off an invasion of angry Flerkens in New York with her best friend, Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman. Remember: Carol's pet "cat," Chewie (Goose in the MCU), is actually a Flerken.

Sweeney Boo (My Little Pony) is serving as the main artist on the book, while Brittany Peer (Goliath Girls) handles coloring duties.

“This comic is for everyone!" said Boo. "If you have seen Captain Marvel’s movie and want more of her, and if you are a cat lover, this is definitely for you. This title has everything — it’s funny and sweet, it has powerful moments, and it’s absolute cat madness!”

Issue #1 of Marvel Action: Captain Marvel goes on sale in August. A retailer incentive variant cover from Brianna Garcia (Disney Princess) will also be available.


Matt Murdock may no longer be the only Daredevil in Manhattan by the summer's end — at least based on the solicitation synopsis for the upcoming Daredevil #9:

"There’s a new Daredevil in town, and Matt Murdock has no idea who it is! Neither does Cole North, the tough-as-nails detective who’s been hot on the Guardian Devil’s trail for weeks. Can Matt Murdock truly live a life without Daredevil? Can Cole?"


Ross Variant Cover - Marvel's 75th Anniversary

Does this mean Matt will be hanging up the red suit and mask? Is this new Daredevil a noble imitator meant to give Murdock a break or a malevolent force hoping to smear his good name, as Bullseye was hell-bent on doing in Season 3 of the Netflix series?

The issue is written by Chip Zdarsky, who recently began serving as head scribe on the new ongoing series, with artwork from Lalit Kumar Sharma.

Daredevil #9 goes on sale Aug. 7.

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