Coming soon: An underwater futuristic sci-fi western

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Vampire movies, space adventures: What we need is a good underwater sci-fi movie, like The Abyss or Leviathan.

Kidding about Leviathan.

But we are in for another soggy sci-fi tale now that Gotham Group has optioned Dark Life, based on a book by Kat Falls, Variety reports:

Book will be published in May by Scholastic, which won the rights and inked a two-book deal after making a preemptive bid on the manuscript. Foreign publishing rights to the book, which generated considerable buzz in the pub world pre-sale, have been sold in six languages.

"Dark Life" is set in a near-future world in which rising ocean levels and natural catastrophes have led some people to homestead on the ocean floor. Story centers on an underwater teenage boy and a surface girl who join forces to uncover a government conspiracy.

This futuristic western sounds a bit like a wet Little House on the Prairie meets City of Ember meets The Little Mermaid, doesn't it?

Are you in?

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