The Avatar you didn't see: More action, sex, Pandora!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

What's left to do with a film that makes $2.7 billion worldwide? Re-release it, of course. Plans to release an extended version of Avatar to theaters this summer are still underway, and producer Jon Landau detailed some of the additional footage you might see when he spoke to the press on Earth Day last week.

"We are certainly hoping to do that this summer," Landau said in a group interview in Los Angeles, where he was promoting the DVD and Blu-ray release of Avatar. "We'd have some added scenes in that for people to get exposed to some more backstory we didn't put into this version."

The emphasis of the additional scenes would be to add more to the world of Pandora and the Na'vi that James Cameron created. "I will tell you thematically what we'd like the [scenes] to touch on," Landau said. "We'd like them to touch on some of the backstory that we did not have time to address. We'd like them to touch on exposing people to a little bit more slices of the world of Pandora that they might not have seen, and we'd like to have a little bit more action in there in a couple spots. It'll be a variety of things that deliver on the variety of things that people responded to in the film."

After an extended release, Cameron and Landau are planning a special-edition home video release. Bonus features on that edition would include more deleted scenes that Cameron prefers not to reinstate in the film.

"Look, we have the backstory about the schoolhouse and what went on with Sigourney there, some more of Jake training on the world of Pandora, some more stuff at night on the world of Pandora, some added beats in the battle sequence at the end," Landau said.

This is starting to add up. Are we talking 30-40 more minutes of deleted scenes? An hour? "I don't want to say how much, put a number on it, but I think we'll have scenes that can be available within the context of the movie and scenes that are outside that maybe aren't even finished," Landau said. "People will just get a sense of being able to be exposed to some of the stuff that did not make it into the movie."

The current DVD and Blu-ray release of Avatar simply features the theatrical cut of the movie. It is the highest quality presentation of Avatar you can get at home, at least for now: The team continues to work on future editions.

"The exciting thing about this is this is just the movie, and it's the best quality of the movie we can possibly put on the disc," Landau said. "No trailers, no commercials or anything like that. We're already working with Weta completing additional minutes that they didn't finish for the movie."

Avatar is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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