Command a mini armada with these striking Star Trek spaceship models

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Sep 12, 2016

Star Trek is celebrating its Golden Anniverary this month, and here's another Trek-centric party favor to add to your collection of geeky mementoes and get you into the spirit of the whole affair.  Eucl3d, a 3D printing company based in the San Francisco area, has obtained the official rights from CBS to replicate more than 400 starship models gathered from the far reaches of the Star Trek universe.   Prospective captains and sci-fi aficionados can customize and personalize each detailed model with specific colors, name and registration numbers, all licensed by the Star Trek Online MMORPG. Spaceships are 12 inches long and available from all corners of the Star Trek galaxy, from The Next Generation to Deep Space Nine.  No prices or release date yet, but the firm's 8-inch models start at $99 each so expect something north of that number.


Here's the promotional description from the Eucl3d site:

Whether it is a Federation Cruiser, a Klingon Bird of Prey, or a Romulan Warbird, create a fleet of real life replica's comprised of your favorite ships from Star Trek Online, complete with your customized styles, patterns, colors and more.  From inside Star Trek Online you can order ANY of your favorite spacecraft to be shipped to your door wherever you are on the globe. Every ship is created in U.S.A. using the latest in full-color 3D printing.

Eucl3D was spun out of a group project at UC Berkeley by three friends - Jesse Manek, Brian Graf, and Brian Bordley. Eucl3D exists to let devoted gamers have physical versions of their favorite characters, vehicles, buildings, and more! The team is made up of lifelong gamers who find it difficult to get great video game collectibles. We process every order in the USA, and production is distributed around the world. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Eucl3D utilizes 3D printing to make unique gaming merchandise a reality now and to be a crucial part of your gaming future.

Inspect this killer collection of 3D-printed Star Trek space cruisers in the gallery below and tell us if you'll order some for your own personal starfleet.

(Via Geeks Are Sexy)

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