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Oct 8, 2006

Note added after I posted this: Ironically, a bug has popped up that I cannot seem to fix. So, at the moment, you can leave comments here on the blog but the connection to BAUT is off.

BABloggees, welcome to the new age of commenting.

Comments to this blog are now being routed to the Bad Astronomy & Universe Today (BAUT) bulletin board, specifically to the Bad Astronomy Stories section. The blog entry will still be posted here at, but comments will go over there. Each new blog entry will create a new thread automatically, with an excerpt from the blog entry there as the first post.

What does this mean to you, the intelligent/sarcastic/perceptive/loquacious/etc. reader?

  1. The first thing is that you'll need to register at the board to post a comment (you will not need to register to read them). Registering is easy, takes about 30 seconds, and that's it. We do nothing with your email, with the exception that on very rare occasion we send out a mass emailing to everyone registered when we have an important announcement about BAUT. We don't sell your emails or anything like that. Spam is so evil that anyone accusing me of sending it out will spontaneously burst into flame. It's true.
  2. Good browsers (cough cough FIREFOX cough cough) store things like passwords and usernames, and will automatically sign you in when you go to BAUT. So you don't have to type in your info every time.
  3. Yes, there are rules for posting there. You'll need to read them. Basically, they say "Be polite". Rule 12, dealing with politics and religion, has been revised. It used to be basically against the rules to bring up those topics on BAUT, since they almost inevitably lead to fights. As has been noted here, I have dipped my bloggy toes into those waters lately, so we need to relax those rules, but it will be for that section only, and must remain on topic. In other words, don't get all hot up over some political thing I wrote, then take it to the Conspiracy Theories section.
  4. This also means comments will be easier to read, easier to link to (yay!), and easier to quote (also yay!).
  5. Spams will be virtually eliminated. This will mean little to you, since you never see them, but that's because I have to filter through a zillion comments and zap them when they crop up. So it means a lot to me. :-)
  6. I'm hoping it means a lively crowd of folks making comments, too. BAUTers tend to be thoughtful, interesting, funny, and smart -- just like my commenters (I need to wash my nose now). Getting these two groups together should be fun. The more the merrier.
  7. Really, if you're reading my blog, you're almost certainly going to like some of the other stuff going on at BAUT. If you haven't been there yet, now's your chance.

So, got something to say about this blog? Click on the comments link below and get started!

P.S. One other thing: the system I used to migrate the old posts over to BAUT has a weird bug that won't let it move over anonymous comments. Once that's fixed I'll migrate all the old entries over, and let everyone know here. Until then, old entries on the blog look like they have no comments, and you'll get an error if you do try to comment. I hope to have that fixed ASAP.

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