Commissioner Gordon just scored his own Batman-free TV series on Fox

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Sep 25, 2013

If you were wondering what DC's response to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would be, you may officially wonder no more.

Remember yesterday when we told you about a comic series called Gotham Central and how there were rumors it was being adapted to television. Well, it looks like that's exactly what's happened. Sort of.

Fox has announced it has fastracked production for a new series called Gotham which will tell "the origin stories of Commissioner James Gordon and the villains that made Gotham famous". This stands in contrast to Gotham Central which took place after Gordon had retired and a new team had taken over.

We get that Jim Gordon is a a big name character, so it makes sense why this story element would be changed. What we're wondering, though, is this -- what villains? There weren't any real super villains out there early on in Jim Gordon's career. So who are we dealing with? Will we meet the Joker, Scarecrow, Penguin, and others before they became what they ultimately did? And what other detective staff will be around? Renee Montoya is much younger than Gordon, so she probably won't make the cut. Maybe crooked cop Harvey Bullock will turn up?

Most of all, though, Gotham Central told the story of cops who always felt the heat to solve crimes before Batman beat them to it. Obviously, there will be no Batman in this Gotham. So what will make this different from any other cop procedural?

We're cautionsly optimistic, but these questions need good answers.

What do you think?

(via TV Line)

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