Common to star in and score new treasure-hunting digital comic book series, Caster

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Mar 26, 2021, 6:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Well this project sounds anything but common. Multi-hyphenate talent Common is known for dabbling in both music and acting worlds, but now he’s combing those talents and channeling them into the medium of digital comics.

Common is partnering with free comics app Line Webtoon and creators Noble Transmission to provide the basis for the main character in their new series, Caster, about a rare antiques dealer who sells his finds to the highest bidder, and may dabble in international espionage, as well. He’s also creating the score and eventual soundtrack for the ongoing series.

Since Line Webtoon is optimized for devices, the comic allows for sound, which opens up a whole new toolbox of storytelling devices. As Common told Entertainment Weekly:

 “We discussed bringing the music component in it. I always love being able to integrate art and bring worlds together. To have a really great piece of art, like Caster, and then say we’ll put music to it. And do it in a cool way where it’s like a soundtrack, where there’s a new song every issue… Eventually, we can put together a soundtrack and do pop-ups at different places. It just opens up a world to do really cool things.”

According to Deadline, the original concept was dreamed up by Noble Transmission’s CEO Austin Harrison, who wrote the graphic novel Wild Blue Yonder; Zach Howard, an illustrator fo Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse; and Mike Raicht, former Marvel editor and author of graphic novel, The Stuff of Legend.   

Caster is due out some time next year. If it proves successful, Gerard Butler’s production company, G-Base, is already on board to produce the ripe-for-the-big-screen live-action film. And why shouldn't it be successful, a comic with a soundtrack sure sounds cool, right?