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Jul 30, 2010

I love geeks. I love clever people. I love sciencey stuff.

So this fills my heart with squishiness: a skirt with rows of lights that illuminate when facing north:

Make those LEDs red and every astronomer could use it. Not to mention campers, hikers, and let's face it, nerds like all of us. I would dance all night with someone wearing this.

Want one? She's selling kits so you can make one yourself!

Of course, in 2012* when the poles flip the skirt will light up when facing south. Oh! I know! You could wear it backwards. Problem solved.

Tip o' the compass needle to that bon vivant, Josh A. Cagan.

* This is a joke, OK? A joke. If you actually think I am being serious about 2012, then I suggest you check your tin foil beanie for breaches.

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