Conan O'Brien schools Star Wars fan on the correct way to pronounce Ackbar

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Feb 19, 2014, 3:31 PM EST

A Conan fan pointed out that O'Brien incorrectly pronounced the name Admiral Ackbar. But did he? 

Now, look, I don't need to make an "It's a trap" joke here. You've already got, like, ten in your head. But let's rise above, shall we? Because this is a serious Admiral-Ackbar-related issue that demands all our valuable time and attention.

On an episode of Conan, O'Brien referenced everyone's favorite Mon Calamari, but when he said the name, he didn't say "Ackbar" as in "Ack! My burrito just fell apart in my lap. Is there no non-messy way to eat these things?!" No. He said "Ackbar" as in "Ah, I thought you were supposed to use a wooden tongue depressor when you looked in my mouth, Dr. Lousy Hygiene."

And, surely, that is wrong. Way wrong. Like, "thinking that Hi-C has better flavors than Orange or Ecto Cooler" levels of wrong. But that sly old dog Conan has an answer for everything.

Yup. It's the reliable "George Lucas changed it in one of his many terrible special editions" maneuver. Truly, if there is a better out when you're caught fudging a Star Wars fact, I can't think of one. Except maybe for the "Oh, it's part of the Expanded Universe so you probably never heard of it" hipster move. But, really, you have at least a 19 percent chance that Lucas did, in fact, change that thing someone thought you got wrong.

Nicely done, Conan. Nicely done.

(via Kotaku)