Concept art reveals aborted 1990s Jurassic Park animated series that could have been

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:24 AM EDT (Updated)

After Jurassic Park became a cultural phenomenon in the early 1990's, Universal was keen to capitalize on the newly minted property. So a cartoon series was commissioned — and here’s what it would’ve looked like.

At the time, artist William Stout was commissioned to create concept art for the would-be animated series, which would’ve been loosely based on the film and feature characters made famous by that first installment. According to Stout, the project was conceived as a “mature prime time” series that would have appealed to kids and adults alike, featuring state-of-the-art animation mixed with CGI. The studio was aiming for a “graphic novel look,” which shines through in the art Stout conceived.

The development team went so far as to create a pitch trailer, showing some of the proposed hybrid animation scenes. They sent the reel to the studio. Then ... nothing. Stout said they were waiting for Steven Spielberg’s approval, though apparently the studio never even watched the reel. According to the artist, they were so "burnt out" on dino oversaturation they didn’t want to take a chance on such an expensive series that could arrive when the general public is too fatigued to enjoy it.

Check out Stout’s concept art for the series below, via From Director Steven Spielberg’s Tumblr and Stout’s personal blog and let us know what you think:

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