Confirmed: How the Man of Steel universe will connect with Batman

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Jun 3, 2013

We’ve been hearing for a while now that Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was the first step in setting up a larger, shared DC universe. Now we know how it starts — and it involves everyone’s favorite Caped Crusader.

Yes, Snyder has confirmed that Man of Steel includes a nice easter egg setting up the existence of Wayne Enterprises in this new movie-verse, which falls in nicely with Marvel’s “start slow” approach of dropping in hints and nods to make all the disparate pieces feel connected.

Snyder confirmed the intriguing little detail in an interview with Collider, and also responded coyly when asked whether we might see Batman in a potential sequel:

“The Wayne Enterprises logo is on a satellite that Zod destroys... I don’t know [about teaming up Superman/Batman in a sequel]. Everything is interesting at this point. And don’t forget that Lex is out there, doing who knows what.”

So there you have it: Man of Steel officially exists in the same universe as Batman, but there are still a lot more questions than answers. Is this an extension of the continuity already established in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, or the introduction of Batman into an all-new “world” that will feed into Justice League (assuming Man of Steel isn’t a flop, of course)?

We don’t know, but we’ll sure be looking closely at that satellite logo on June 14 for a few more hints.

How would you like to see DC set up their bigger universe for Justice League? A full slate of standalone films a la Marvel, or just jump right into the big one?

(Via Collider)

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