CONFIRMED: This is the mysterious voice narrating the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer

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Dec 17, 2018, 5:00 PM EST (Updated)

As soon as that Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer hit and that sinister British drawl began the narration, we all probably went: Holy crap! That’s Benedict Cumberbatch talking, isn't it?

After all, the voice we heard was eerily close to some voice-over Cumby's done in two other high-profile sci-fi flicks in which he starred in the not-so-distant past; namely Star Trek Into Darkness and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

So, was it or was it not the Internet’s favorite boyfriend doing that narration? Apparently ... not.

HitFix’s Drew McWeeny has confirmed that the voice heard in the Star Wars: Episode VII trailer is not that of Cumberbatch, but rather that of mo-cap actor extraordinaire Andy Serkis. He's the one telling us about about all that “darkness” and “light” stuff in the first trailer for director J.J. Abrams’ eagerly anticipated Star Wars flick.

Here’s what he said:

For the record, that is Andy Serkis you hear in the trailer. I was able to verify this, although I was not able to uncover any further information about the role he plays. Here's what I do know, though. He's playing a pivotal role in the film, although he will not have a lot of screen time.

Look, I understand why there was some debate about the voice-over today. We've never really heard that voice come out of Serkis before. By now, though, one of the things we know about him is that he vanishes into roles, and it sounds like he's going to be doing something very different again this time.

But they're not hiding Cumberbatch from you, folks. While they haven't told us much about the characters, Disney and Lucasfilm were pretty up front about the cast before they started production.

Even though Serkis was revealed to be the chillingly awesome voice of the Star Wars trailer, some fans still believe it’s actually Cumberbatch we’re hearing, and that he's in the movie. Maybe what the actor says below can put that to rest?

Speaking on the red carpet of the Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2014 yesterday, the Sherlock actor said he's not involved. Here's what the possible future Doctor Strange said:

“Yeah, I can put that one to bed can't I? I mean, I am NOT the voice of the Star Wars trailer, nor am I the hooded character with the rather cool new lightsaber, No, no.”

When asked by the interviewer whether he's in the film somewhere, Cumberbatch gave another decisive “No.”

So there you have it. Check out Benedict Cumberbatch’s Star Wars denial:

What do you guys think? Are you surprised at all that Andy Serkis is the one doing the sinister voice-over in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer? What do you think his "pivotal" short role will be? 

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