Connor Trinneer reveals how Star Trek: Enterprise gave him ‘enough rope to hang myself’

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Apr 14, 2014, 3:10 PM EDT (Updated)

Star Trek’s Connor Trinneer has revealed how much liberty he was afforded in bringing Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III to life on Enterprise. The words "rope" and "hang" came up.

Speaking to The Iris, Trinneer — who played the Enterprise NX-01’s chief engineer for four seasons (2001 and 2005) — spoke about how much liberty and input he actually had from the powers-that-be on Enterprise in order for him to be able to develop and flesh out Trip into the Star Trek character we all knew and loved:

“Definitely with Trip, I did.” Trinneer says of the input he had in his time on Enterprise. ”I was making sure that things that I thought were appropriate for him were done; some things that came across the page were not, I thought, appropriate, so I would say something. Sometimes lines didn’t seem to jive with something he would do, but then a dialogue would occur between the executives and the people who wrote it and you’d find a happy balance, or it would be taken away. They’d always listen, though. Early on, they gave me enough rope to hang myself with and I didn’t do it, so they trusted me with him.”

He also touched upon his role as the Wraith Michael on Stargate Atlantis and about how little room he had to provide some input into that character:

“I don’t think that Michael was meant to be as big a part as he was; again, I think he evolved as we went along. You have less opportunity, you have less leverage or latitude as a recurring guest…the word ‘guest’ is important! I would ask questions and whatnot, but they were really…I mean, I was coming on to their show, so I was just trying to accommodate what was happening there. I was inventing this hybrid character though, so I definitely had a lot on my plate.”

But he's got nothing but love for the genre, saying:

“The great thing about science fiction, generally, is that the scope of the way in which you tell a story and just the dramatic size in which you tell it is much more interesting. […]Typically, when you’re doing the roles that I’ve been fortunate enough to play in sci-fi, they ask a lot of you and you have to use a lot of your imagination and you really have to play a character. Less so with Enterprise with Trip; he was much more closer to me, but to play Michael on Stargate: Atlantis, I had to go to a whole different place. For an actor, that’s awesome to do; it’s a theatrical experience for an actor.”

What was your favorite Connor Trinneer role? Was it Star Trek: Enterprise's Trip Tucker? Or was it as the Wraith Michael on Stargate Atlantis? And are you surprised at how much liberty Trinneer was given in order to bring Trip to life?

(via The Iris)