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Constantine: City of Demons screenwriter on finding the 'duality' of the Hellblazer

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Oct 4, 2018

Even with his own series lasting only one season, Matt Ryan's interpretation of John Constantine has made the rounds within the DC Universe. He helped resurrect Sara Lance on Arrow, and is now a regular on DC's Legends of Tomorrow. He made his animated debut in Justice League Dark. Now he stars in his own upcoming movie, the adult animated series Constantine: City of Demons. Members of the cast and creative team descended on New York Comic Con to discuss the magician's latest adventure.

Screenwriter J.M. Dematteis, who also wrote the screenplay for Justice League Dark, talked about his love for the character, "I like characters with a duality, a push and pull. Constantine is a total bastard, but he always ends up on the side of right." DeMatteis described Constantine perfectly: he does the right thing but doesn't really enjoy the process. 

The project features Constantine helping his childhood friend Chas (Damian O'Haire) rescue his comatose daughter from the clutches of a demon. According to producer Butch Lukic, this version of Chas is the closest to the comics version that's been translated to film. O'Haire enjoys both the character and the dynamic he has with Ryan's Constantine, "I love how the supernatural balanced is with it being grounded with emotion. I enjoy the shorthand the two have. John always calls Chas 'knobhead' and its a term of endearment."

City of Demons introduces an original character, Angela (Rachel Kitsey), the spirit of Los Angeles. "I got the idea from one of the graphic novels," DeMatteis said, "Constantine was walking and he said the 'eyes' of the city were on him. I thought it would be interesting to personify the city for the movie."

Rachel enjoys being more adult with this movie than she does playing Wonder Woman on Justice League Action, "I enjoy the freedom when the target audience isn't nine," she laughed.

If the design of the film looks familiar, that's because character designer Phil Bourassa went with the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy. "We take the same references The CW does when designing Constantine. Matt Ryan was perfect casting, so there is not a lot that needed changing." Phil is definitely right. Matt Ryan embodies Constantine. However, that's not to say he didn't have fun, "It's a very dark world that these characters live in, so it's a different beast than our normal superhero fare, so it's liberating creating these demonic monsters."

You'll be able to see all of the creatures and demons John Constantine goes up against, with the life of his friend's daughter on the line, when Constantine: City of Demons premieres on 4K/Blu-Ray/Digital combo pack on October 9th.

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