Constantine to face off against [redacted] in new NBC series (+ pilot details!)

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Feb 26, 2014, 12:20 PM EST (Updated)

Now that John Constantine’s casting is locked and loaded for NBC’s upcoming supernatural series Constantine, we’ve found out which baddie will tackle our blond and British hero. We also have some tantalizing info about the pilot episode.

This bit of news comes fresh in the wake of the casting of John Constantine -- who'll be played by Welsh actor Matt Ryan of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior fame. The guy's also added some serious geek cred to his résumé by providing the voice for Assassin Creed’s IV: Black Flag’s Edward Kenway.

This is what Bleeding Cool reports:

The pilot episode is set in and around New York. Some scenes take place in the Ravenscar Psychiatric Hospital, which was located in the UK in the Hellblazer comics but has been moved over the Atlantic for the purposes of TV. As far as I can tell, the intended series is meant to stick to New York too, special episodes or temporary trips to other locales notwithstanding.
Introduced in the pilot, with a subplot providing him a kind of origin, is the character of Papa Midnite. As the series runs on, we’ll see Midnite and Constantine facing off again and again, as the stakes get higher and higher.

Papa Midnite is described and an immortal voodoo priest as well as an organized crime leader. He was a badass foe to John Constantine in the Hellblazer comics. However, at a later time, they both teamed up to battle bigger, badder threats in order to save the world. So the NBC series (which at this precise moment has only the pilot greenlit) might be going in the same direction.

Papa Midnite was previously played by Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator) in the so-so 2005 Constantine flick starring Keanu Reeves.

Who do you think should play him now? And what do you think of the pilot’s New York setting? Do you like that it’s closely associated to the Hellblazer comics?

The awesome Neil Marshall (Game of Thrones) is set to direct NBC's Constantine pilot episode. We should hear more in the coming months about a potential pickup.

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