Constantine, family reunions, exorcisms and a surprise hookup in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

The Arrowverse’s wildest sibling finally retuned for its midseason premiere this week—about brought a DC A-lister along for the ride. It was a story that moved the narrative needle in a big way, and proved to be the same type of vintage, crazy fun fans have come to expect.

Spoilers ahead for “Daddy Darhkest,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Monday, Feb. 12, 2018!

Legends of Tomorrow has made an art out of playing with tropes over the years, and this week it was all about the horror genre—specifically The Exorcist. Constantine stumbles upon the Mallus case while trying to help out a young orphan girl being held in an asylum. Things get interesting when it drops Sara Lance’s name, so the Hellblazer tracks down the Legends to figure out what the heck the young woman he helped resurrect a few seasons ago on Arrow has gotten herself into with her time-traveling team of heroes.

This one checked off pretty much every box horror fans would’ve come to expect: the young girl possessed by a deep-throated demon; spinning heads; crab walk contortionist moves; asylums; lobotomies;  spells; and a whole lot more. This season has been delving deeper into the magical side of the spectrum, and it’s only natural to see Constantine cameo to lend a hand. For a show that cycles through heroes and cast members at a fairly rapid clip, Constantine proved to be an excellent addition to the ensemble. He has the wit to go toe-to-toe with the rest of the team. When they eventually look to expand this roster once again, here’s hoping Matt Ryan is on the short list.

The big twist came with the young girl at the heart of the story, who turns out to be the young version of Damien Darhk’s daughter (the adult version fans have already met). This is where things get twisted with time travel, but it’s still a nice twist. It’s a nice throwback to Darhk’s original death at the hand of the Green Arrow a while back, and connects the dots around his eventual resurrection. Tying Darhk’s daughter’s origin story to the modern day was a clever move, and helped put a human face on the eventual baddie the team will face down the line. 

Constantine’s Legends arrival also provided a bit of fan service that was so fun it worked anyway: Constantine and Sara hooked up, which was positively great. As Constantine notes, they’re damaged people—but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a bit of fun along the way.

Assorted musings


*It’s never been explicitly addressed, but this episode took yet another step in retconning the world of Constantine’s short-lived solo series (which was axed by NBC a couple of years ago) into the Arrowverse. The tease here? Constantine references his failures in Astra’s possession case, an incident that played a key role in Constantine’s small screen origin story from the solo series.

*Though the Constantine hook-up was fun, Sara and Agent Sharpe is the ‘ship fans want and deserve. 

*Rip has been off the grid for a while in Time Bureau prison, but apparently managed to escape from custody this week. As fans know, Rip will definitely be back, as he’ll be the one introducing Kid Flash into the fold. Rip has been a perfect example of how characters can weave in and out of this world, and it’ll be interesting to see how he changes the dynamic this time around. It’s amazing how far this series has come since the first season, when Rip was running the team.

*Snart is gone, once again. Leo joined the Legends for one last hurrah, and this show will absolutely be missing something with Wentworth Miller off the crew. Though Miller says he’s done with the Arrowverse (for now), the door is absolutely left opening for this Earth-2 version of the character to eventually return. 

*Ray and Zari obviously meant well in trying to help Darhk’s daughter by taking her out into a coffee shop, but that still felt like a reckless and dumb move. Which goes sideways almost immediately. Doh.

*Mallus prophesied to Constantine that Sara would be spending some time in the dark realm, and that turned out to be true when she offered herself up for possession as a way to channel the demon’s power and cast a spell that got them back in the present day.

*The team also learned some fresh intel on how they might be able to stop Darhk: Amaya and Zari’s totems are apparently part of six totems that can hurt Mallus. The crew is only away of five totems, so Constantine will be doing some research to help figure out which one is apparently missing.

*It was a quick moment, but when Nate was being held hostage, Amaya told Kuasa that she needed him, too. So is he her eventual grandfather? Does he eventually go back to the past to live out his life with Amaya in the past? Or was Amaya simply bluffing to keep him alive? It’ll be interesting to see if that comes back around.

Next week: The team gets stuck in a time loop!

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