Constantine is returning to TV - as an animated series

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Jan 8, 2017, 2:32 PM EST

2017 is off to a very, very good start if you are a fan of Constantine, the short-lived NBC series that was canceled in 2015. The CW -- which is essentially the home of DC Comics on TV (minus Gotham) -- is bringing the show back. The twist is that it will be an animated series on CW Seed (the network's streaming service).

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Five episodes (each about 6-10 minutes long) have been ordered, AND Matt Ryan, who played the live action Constantine, will be back to voice the character. Which is good, because he's so damn good we couldn't accept another. Greg Berlanti will be executive producer. Berlanti is already the EP on the four DC shows on the CW: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. So, really, what's another show? The guy obviously doesn't sleep and/or isn't human.

It's not like Matt Ryan-as-Constantine has been MIA since the show was canceled back in February of 2015. The character appeared in an episode of Arrow and Ryan lent his voice to the character for the upcoming DC animated film Justice League Dark.

As a bonus, all 13 episodes of the live-action Constantine will be available on CW Seed. It will be joining the animated series Vixen, in its second season (yes, the same Vixen that appears in live-action form in Arrow). Also slated to debut on CW Seed is Freedom Fighters: The Ray -- specifically, the modern version of the character (not the Golden Age version, aka "Happy" Terrill). The Ray will also be openly gay, which is a first for an animated series lead.

You stoked? Gonna watch?