Constantine's Matt Ryan on what he wants in S2 (if the show actually survives)

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Feb 11, 2015, 6:56 PM EST (Updated)

The ratings have never been stellar for NBC’s cult hit Constantine, and though odds are long for a renewal, star Matt Ryan still has a ton of ideas for where he’d like to see the series go next.

NBC has already announced the brunt of its renewals, with the freshman drama Constantine noticeably absent, and a shift in the show’s Friday night timeslot did little to bring it up to par with lineup companion Grimm’s solid ratings haul. There are currently rumblings the show might move to Syfy (They share a corporate owner, who also owns Blastr -Ed.), but that’s admittedly a long shot.

But that hasn’t stifled Ryan’s passion for the role. In an interview with ComicBook.com, the actor opened up about several comic arcs he’d like to see explored if the series survives to a second season or beyond. After reading this, we really hope those Syfy rumors are true:

“My favorite arc from the comics is the ‘Dangerous Habits’ arc, and I don't think that would be Season Two, I think that would be further down the line but that's something that I would really love to get to. It's my favorite run of the comics.

I also love, and what could be a possibility for Season Two I think, is the ‘Family Man’ arc. What I like about that is, it's not John dealing with demons and devils, it's him dealing with human beings and I think that's a very interesting place for John. I think there's actually a line in the comic where he says, ‘Demons, devils I'm fine with, but the real life, the real problems that human beings have…'

I think that's quite an interesting storyline that could be done over a few episodes or something, you know? That's something I'd like to explore as well. I mean, there's so much there, man. That's the great thing about this job, this gig and the source material. There's so much there that every time you pick up a comic, you're thinking about how well it can be translated to screen…

I think we're actually just skimming the surface. That's the great thing about it. The source material, there's so much we can do with it and the potential is so huge. So we hope as well that we get a second season and we can continue to do that.”

The season (series?) finale of Constantine airs Friday night on NBC. Do you think it can survive?

(Via ComicBook.com)