How a continent-trekking stormtrooper raised $89,000 for charity

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Dec 17, 2012

Don't worry: That stormtrooper pulling a Forrest Gump over there? He's here to help.

Avid Star Wars fan Jacob French donned his stormtrooper gear for a good cause and recently trekked all the way across Australia to raise money for a children's charity.

So how'd he do? During his nine-month journey, French managed to raise $89,000 for his cause of choice—though the trip took a bit longer than he'd originally planned.

Apparently seeing a stormtrooper walk down the street confused some folks along the way down under, and French was often stopping to chat along the way, explaining his goodwill mission with the 501st Legion.

"I had this Stormtrooper armour in the cupboard already so I thought if I was going to walk across the country I wanted to give people a bit of a laugh and one of the best ways I had to do that was wearing this," the 21-year-old French said, according to IOL News.

Knowing temperatures could be an issue on the journey, French made some modifications to his suit, adding ventilation and better joints for walking freedom.

Luckily, French said folks were receptive, and friendly rebels along the way provided him with free room and board.

"We try to share the awesomeness of how cool our costumes are just by making people laugh and smile and helping out where we can," he said.

(via IOL News)

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