Cool new Battlestar version of Beasties' 'Sabotage' video

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Dec 14, 2012

Ever since the Beastie Boys enlisted director Spike Jonze to shoot the video of their 1994 hit Sabotage in the manner of a 1970s cop show, enterprising Webheads have recut their favorite shows to create their own version of the video, and the latest has hit the Web: one using images from Syfy's own Battlestar Galactica, below.

Youtube user katamaran78 says he's she's crafted a virtual shot-for-shot reboot of the video with clips from Battlestar.

This isn't even the first sci-fi homage: Check out the Star Wars and Halo recuts from a few years back, below.

Do you know of others?

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Battlestar version

Original video

Empire Strikes Back


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