Cool uncle makes cute kid star of adorable Indiana Jones fan-film

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Jeff Spry
Dec 17, 2012

Think your relatives take the cake? Well, how about a loved one who casts you in your own Indy adventure crawling with jungle spiders for your birthday?

Indiana Jones and the Jungle Spider has the old pulp recipe perfected. It's got the hat, the whip and the swagger, all in a pint-sized, pistol-packing archaeologist wearing velcro-lace sneakers. Young Logan risks life and limb to find the prized lost tiki while battling angry arachnids.

Bugs ... It had to be bugs.

Kinda makes you remember when the Indy franchise made you want to crack your own bullwhip. Take a look.

Excellent effort! We love you, Uncle Jeff. Can you adopt us?

(via The Mary Sue)

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