The Copeland family encounters Armageddon in new featurette for Syfy's Aftermath

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Sep 26, 2016

What would you do when the end of the world arrives?  I'd grab my longbox of vintage Batman, Doctor Strange and Fantastic Four comics, my dogs and hole up at the local retro video arcade until the chaos passes.  

Syfy's Aftermath (Syfy is the corporate parent of Blastr - Ed.), a wild new disaster sci-fi series premiering tomorrow night, presents a grim scenario where our blessed Earth is being assaulted by freaky phenomena both natural and unnatural, with a barrage of solar flares, mega tornados, murderous meteors, earthquakes, firestorms, zombies, a hail of Subarus, mythological serpent demons and quite possibly the occasional dog and cat living together.  


Anne Heche and her real-life husband James Tupper star as Karen and Joshua Copeland in this survival tale of biblical proportions as they try to keep their family together amid a total implosion of time and space.  Here's a featurette to prime your for the prodigious calamities to come, with executive producers William Laurin and Glenn Davis joining their doomed cast, including Julia Sarah Stone (The Killing), Levi Meaden (The Killing) and Taylor Hickson (Deadpool) in describing what viewers can expect when Aftermath strikes Tuesday, Sept. 27, on Syfy at 10/9c.

Have a peek at this 6-minute preview for Syfy's 13-episode post-apocalyptic show and tell us if you'll follow the Copelands as they try and dodge a delirious deluge of Armageddon insanity.

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