Corey Feldman provides more details on alleged stabbing attack

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Mar 29, 2018, 2:45 PM EDT (Updated)

After announcing that he was attacked by an unknown assailant yesterday, The Goonies and Lost Boys star Corey Feldman is providing more details on what allegedly happened. Feldman, who has been released from the hospital, is saying he believes he was jabbed with a syringe or knife tip. 

“On this holy week its no wonder that I was spared once again, im so lucky 2 b alive 2day, i hope u all can appreciate this day weve been given 2day & use it 4 good, god bless,” the actor wrote on Twitter.

Feldman said in an interview with TMZ that he was driving home with his security guard when he noticed a car following him. He said his security guard had words with someone in the other car and, when Feldman was stopped at a red light, one of the passengers in the other car opened Feldman’s car door and jabbed him one time with what he believes was either the tip of a knife or a syringe.

“A much clearer picture of what actually happened, oppossed 2 conflicting reports, + hospital footage,” Feldman wrote in a separate tweet linking to his TMZ interview. 

A spokesperson for Feldman tells SYFY WIRE that the actor is “certainly still shaken up, but thankfully he is doing OK,” and plans to “lay low and recuperate.”  

As previously reported, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department told SYFY WIRE yesterday that Feldman’s car was stopped at a red light at 10:45 p.m. Tuesday night when someone opened the door and made “a stabbing motion with an unknown object.” However, the LAPD spokesperson added that there was no laceration to Feldman’s abdomen or any additional injuries.

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