Corey Feldman discusses Corey Haim's final Lost Boys appearance

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

While talking about his role in the upcoming DVD film Lost Boys: The Thirst with Movie Mikes, Corey Feldman discussed the final appearance of his friend and fellow actor Corey Haim in the franchise. Haim had a brief appearance in the earlier direct-to-DVD movie Lost Boys: The Tribe, apparently because it was in Feldman's contract that Haim had to be in the film.

"... and Warner Brothers kept their word, they shot some sequences with Corey. But because of the problems we had with Corey at the time, it wasn't usable. It wasn't their fault. It was just what it was. Corey wasn't able, at that point in his life, to deliver what we needed. So those parts were cut from the film and put in with the deleted scenes. And those scenes were done as pickups. When you see Corey and Jamison (Newlander, who was cast as Alan Frog) their shots were pick ups, they weren't in the same scene with me."

Haim was not asked back for the The Thirst, which will be released later this year. He died in March 2010.