Cosmic calamities brew in new trailer for Syfy's The Expanse Season 2

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Dec 8, 2016

Bombs away!  Right now I'm halfway into the second book in The Expanse series of absorbing space opera novels, Caliban's War, and am already anticipating some elements of its geeky greatness injected into the sophomore season of Syfy's (Corporate owner of Blastr -Ed.) small screen, big-hearted adaptation.  So far, Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham, writing under the nom de plume, James S.A. Corey, have crafted a monumental piece of speculative fiction that has been lovingly brought to life with style and substance by the production's showrunners and scribes.

Season 2 is expected to up the solar system's stakes as the coalitions of Earth, Mars and the Belters' Outer Planets Alliance collide with the dreaded spectre of the alien protomolecule causing grave concerns for all interested parties.  Check out the new trailer, with Captain Holden (Steven Strait), Detective Miller (Thomas Jane), Colonel Fred Johnson (Chad Coleman) and the valiant crew of the Rocinante smack in the middle of a bubbling interplanetary conflict as trouble increases at an exponential rate in the wake of the Eros disaster.

We even get a first peek at the MMC's Gunnery Sergeant Bobbie Draper.

Launch into Syfy's fresh preview and remember the Cant!

The 13-chapter Season Two of The Expanse premieres Wednesday, Feb. 1st at 10/9c with a double-episode debut.

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