#Cosplay parody of #Selfie is as much of an earworm as the original

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Jun 24, 2015, 9:19 AM EDT (Updated)

Have you heard the obnoxious viral hit #Selfie by DJ duo the Chainsmokers? The Phoenix New Times called it "one of those song[s] that both pokes fun at an Internet subculture (in this case, the vapidity of selfies) while simultaneously celebrating the practice." It was only a question of time before the geeks got to it.

NerdReactor has created a parody video called #Cosplay, below, which is practically a shot-by-shot comparison of the original—only instead of pictures of people taking selfies, there are pictures of cosplayers in their costumed glory. And while the original video contains actual selfies from celebrities David Hasselhoff, Ian Somerhalder and Snoop Dogg, #Cosplay has cameos by famed cosplayers Yaya Han, Ani-Mia and Ivy Doomkitty.

Best of all, if you pause at the right moments, you'll swear you recognize some of the cosplay shots from your favorite cosplay sites (we know we did).

The original #Selfie has more than 78 million hits on YouTube. If you're someone who finds the music unbearable, you could watch #Cosplay with the sound off.

Via GeeksAreSexy.