Cosplay We Love: This kid dressed as Lego Boba Fett!

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Jul 14, 2014

What's that? You dressed as regular Boba Fett? Ho-hum. 

Listen, no one is actually suggesting that your standard Boba Fett cosplay ain't all that and a bag of space chips. But when compared with a small child dressed as a LEGO brand version of the Fett? Come on. There's no comparison.

The coolest part isn't the costume, though (which is pretty darn cool) -- it's the painstaking work this 6-year-old's dad went through to put it together. A 20-year graphic design veteran, Dented Helmet user CGS1 spared no expense in perfectly recreating the 9496 Desert Skiff LEGO set version of Boba Fett. It's constructed mostly of foam, and get this -- the jetpack is removable. Awesome!

You can read the full details on how the costume was constructed here.

(via io9)

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