Cosplay We Love: Little girl is Wonder Woman. And her invisible jet

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Feb 28, 2017, 9:00 AM EST

Children are either your precious genetic legacy or your instrument of daily torture. I think they're the latter. But even I, who would easily stuff a child into an oven if I caught them nibbling my gingerbread house, have to admit they can make pretty awesome cosplayers.

For example, this kid here. This Wonder Woman in tiny human form didn't just fight for your rights in her satin tights. She also wore an invisible jet.

Okay, it turns out that this cosplayer didn't do the heavy lifting in the cosplay arena; it seems her father is a balloon artist who probably spent several lungs' worth of air making his daughter the world's best billboard for his work.

But only a child could look so very "What? This old thing? It's just something I found in my closet" natural while flying an invisible jet.

via FashionablyGeek.