Cosplay We Love: Man turns K-2S0 into the coolest puppet ever

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Sep 12, 2017, 12:20 PM EDT

When you look at K-2S0 from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, you see a large torso with elongated arms, perched atop overly thin legs—an unlikely combination that does not exist in nature. It would be all but impossible to cosplay the Imperial security droid. Right?

As cosplayer Darren Mosers must have said to himself after seeing Rogue One, “Challenge excepted.”

But it took some thinking outside the box, or in Mosers' case, outside the costume. StarWars.com writes that rather than try to fit his six-foot frame into a disproportional droid, Mosers built an articulated 7’7 puppet that he strapped himself behind. Mosers himself is dressed as an Imperial officer. When Mosers walks, it creates the nifty illusion that K-2 is walking in step ahead of him.



To create this cosplay, Mosers used dive fins, 3D printing, aquarium parts, liquid latex, and milk jugs. All told, it cost him over $1,000.

Look upon his mighty process on StarWars.com and despair.

(Via StarWars.com)